Loughshinny Photo Albums

The Loughshinny photo album is a collection of pictures relevant to the area and history of Loughshinny, Co Dublin, Ireland. We currently have four albums on display, but we hope to have a lot more as time goes by so please do come back.

Album One consists of a number of pictures taken in and around our very pretty bay. You can see the harbour which is used by a number of small fishing boats, also the beach and some views from the surrounding cliffs.

Album Two on the other hand shows many of the buildings and features of interest in the area. This includes pictures of the amazing folded rocks that make up our cliffs, many of the historic buildings in the local area, and the monument which was erected during millennium year in memory of all the local sailors who lost their lives at sea during the 20th century.

Album Three meanwhile shows some of the people of Loughshinny over the years. Some of them are going about their daily work, others are celebrating significant moments.

Album Four shows sceens from the Fair maid of Fingal Festival, which took place in Loughshinny annually from 1974 to 1989, around the August weekend. The pictures in this album were provided by Liam Matthews.

If you like to find out more about many of the scenes depicted here, then you should visit the Loughshinny Historical Millennium Walk.

The pictures in the following two albums were provided by Carl Ford.

Blessing the Boats 2007
Loughshinny to Rock-a-bill

If you have any material which you would like displayed in this area then we would be delighted to hear from you. Your material doesn't need to be in electronic form, as we can arrange scanning or digital photography. We are particularly interested in items with a historical interest. Click here to send us an E-mail.