Drumanagh headland, Ireland's largest promontory fortOn the headland of Drumanagh there are the remains of the largest promontory fort in Ireland. This huge site consists of forty acres  protected on three sides by sheer cliffs above the sea and on the western side by huge ramparts stretching the entire width of the site. Drumanagh has never been fully excavated but it is thought to date from the late Bronze/Early Iron Age. Aerial photographs show evidence of a number of buildings or settlements on the site. There has been some speculation as to whether the Romans from Britain might have settled here because some artifacts of Roman origin were found in the vicinity but this has not yet been proven.

Access to Drumanagh by the cliff from Loughshinny beach is highly dangerous due to costal erosion, this site is Private Property and entry is prohibted.

You can view the site from the lane opposite St Catherine's (route 2). The ramparts can be clearly seen from the enterance gates on the public lane.